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Last updated: 1st June 2020

1. Website Ownership

Identification details of the website:

  • Name and surnames: Jordi Mauri Solé
  • N.I.F.: 38145995N
  • Address: Avenida de la Alegría 43, 2-3, 03194, La Marina (Elche), Alicante.
  • Email:

2. Consent

By visiting this web page, visitors are attributed a user status, and therefore wholly accept the terms and conditions detailed below.

In order to improve your user experience, we collect data automatically (I give a more detailed explanation in the cookies section), but this is not information that we share with third parties. Furthermore, it is possible that you may send us a message to ask for information or to contract our services: we also keep that information, so that we can develop and carry out our work. Without it, we would not be able to perform the service requested of us.

3. Services

When you visit our web page, you will find a navigation menu where you can currently get information about:

  • Home: as you enter our website you can read a brief description of the services we provide. There is also an explanatory note showing you how the non-resident property tax for your implicit property income is calculated in Spain. You can also find our basic contact details and the links to our legal notice, our cookies policy and our terms and conditions
  • About us: a little bit more information about the owner of the website Jordi Mauri Solé, his professional career and his Law Society’s membership details.
  • FAQ: on this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Non-Resident Tax for property owners in Spain. These answers contain all the necessary information you need to know about this tax in Spain.
  • Contact: if you want to contact us, you can do it through our contact form.
  • Terms and Conditions: the present ones.
  • Calculate your Tax: on this page you can fill in an easy form to calculate the Non-Resident Tax bill for your implicit property income in Spain. You can ask us to send the tax calculation to your email so we will ask you to provide us one valid email address at this point. If you click “Continue” because you wish to engage our services, we will need to ask you all the necessary details to fulfil the corresponding tax form(s) and, afterwards the payment details for the service, SO you agree to contract the service for us to prepare and submit the tax form for you.

It is important that you bear the following in mind with regards to our fees:

  • The currency we use is the euro (€).
  • The fees amount does include VAT.
  • The fees amount neither include the tax bill amount to be paid to the Tax Office, nor other eventual costs, surcharges or fines that could apply when submitting the tax form for you.

Special conditions of our professional services

If you do contact our services, it is important to bear in mind the following:

a) Consent: in order to begin to carry out our work, it is necessary first for you to give us your consent in a valid manner, fill out the form found in “Calculate Your Tax” then press the “continue” button to provide us the necessary details to prepare the tax form(s) correctly, submit them on your behalf and to make the payment to the tax office.

b) Service provision: We provide the service of preparing the Non-Resident Tax declaration in Spain of your implicit property income, and to submit electronically via the Internet your tax form(s) to the Spanish Tax Office and pay the tax on your behalf.

This contract is a services’ contract and therefore, we must work as diligently as possible in our efforts to prepare, submit your tax form(s) and pay your tax bill, but we are not responsible for the accuracy of the data that you provide us with.

Submitting the tax declaration may lead to the initiation of tax proceedings (inspections, data verification, or checking details, amongst others), which is not included in this service, and for which we cannot be liable of. In the case that the Tax Office engages one of the aforementioned procedure due to the tax submission and in relation to it, you can contact us and we will help you to deal with this if you wish through a different way as this webpage only provides a very specific service.

c) Tax liability, surcharges and penalties: As a result of submitting your tax form you will have to pay the amount of tax due to the Tax Office. Even if we will do so on your behalf as we charge both the tax bill amount plus our legal fees together when you accept to use our service, the tax liability in front of the Tax Office is personally yours.

If you entrust us with the submission of your tax form(s) outside of the established term given by the Spanish authorities for instance, you may have to pay a surcharge or penalty for the late submission. We are not liable for those consequences and under no circumstances they are included in the service.

d) Money laundering and terrorism financing regulations: Current regulations requires us to fully collaborate with the authorities in the prevention or if appropriate, the pursuit of money laundering therefore, if you decide to contract our services, you do so with the consent of providing us with all the necessary information required to comply with this obligation.

e) Documentation: In order to do our job, we will need to ask you for specific documents and information and, for this reason, you agree that all the documents and information you provide us with is to the best of your knowledge accurate and true, so we waive all liability for any consequence you may suffer due to any inaccuracies contained within the documentation or information provided.

All the information that you provide us with is confidential and we take all the necessary security measures to ensure that no unauthorised person can access it. Similarly, once the job has concluded, we will return all the documents that we are not legally required to hold on to, whether it’s in original format or a photocopy, regardless of whether it is in physical or digital format.

f) Invoice: The cost of our service is 60€ plus VAT at the current rate per property. This amount will appear on your screen when you use our tax calculator along and separately from the tax bill. The calculator also shows the total of both the tax bill and our fees.

Our fees are accrued at the moment of contracting the service, and the payment for this service must be made in accordance with the following section.

g) Payments: Payment for our services will be made with a debit or credit card. In this case it is imperative that you are the title holder of the credit card or that you are legitimately authorised to use it.

h) Early termination of the contract: We reserve the right to terminate our contract with you if you breach any of the obligations you are required to carry out. If we decide to take this decision, we will communicate this to you in writing and this will be justified in any case.

i) Communication: The client(s) accepts non-encrypted emails as a standard form of communication between both parties. The client(s) exonerates of any liability regarding any technical errors that may occur by the said method, except in the case of an error attributable to the webpage. However, the website uses SSL technology, which ensures that the transfer of data through the site is as safe as it possibly can be, considering today’s state-of-the-art technology.

j) Parties' rights and obligations

Client' rights

  • To get the service provided on time and as quick as possible.
  • To retrieve their consent to receive electronic invoices and receive instead printed invoices.
  • The client(s) has the right to cancel the service application during the next 14 days after the application was made unless the service has been already completely provided by The cancellation will have to be always in writing and by email to the following address:
  • When correctly cancelled the service application the client(s) has the right to receive all the money paid back from the web at the earliest possible time and always within 14 calendar days since the cancellation.

Client' duties

  • Payment. To pay the service by debit or credit card in advance. The payment will include the tax bill plus the fees. The client(s) understands and accepts that the service provided has a price that must be paid in advance.
  • The client(s) commits to use a debit or credit card which they are the title holders of. The client(s) may use any credit card which they are not the title holder of but in these cases the client(s) declares that they have the authorization from the rightful title holders of the credit or debit card used and they state that they are legitimate users of the said cards absolutely under their liability.
  • Provide correct and true information. All the information provided must be correct and accurate and true otherwise the consequences could be either that the will not be able to provide the service at all or that will provide the service communicating the Tax Office incorrect information or data which could bring eventual consequences to the client(s). Also, the web could ask for the corresponding damages and compensation caused by the untrue and incorrect information provided either economic or to reputation.
  • The client(s) accepts that the web will contact them to manage the forthcoming tax years' Non-Resident Income Taxes assuming that the client(s)’ circumstances remain the same and they wish to engage again service. If the client(s) do not wish to be contacted they are kindly asked to instruct us so either by email to the following email address:, or by the contact form providing sufficient information to identify themselves, or by any other valid contact mean.
  • The client(s) accepts specifically that they will receive an electronic invoice of the service. In the case they withdraw this consent to receive electronic invoices will send printed invoices to the client(s).’s rights

  • To receive the service's fees.’s duties

  • To show a complete and accurate breakdown of the concepts to pay before asking for the service payment.
  • To provide the service as quick as possible. The service will have to be provided as soon as possible considering the amount of services to provide at a given time and also the deadline to submit the tax forms 210 which is December the 31st of each year.
  • To issue a receipt of the service order.
  • To issue a receipt of the payment and invoice.
  • Customer service. offers a customer service support at the following email address:, by the contact form of the website providing enough true information to identify the client(s), or by any other valid and effective contact mean chosen by the client(s).
  • To issue printed invoices when the client(s) correctly withdraw the consent to receive electronic invoices.
  • When correctly cancelled the service application will pay all the monies paid back to the client(s) at the earliest possible time and maximum within 14 calendar days after the cancellation.

k) Consumer rights: We inform you that as a consumer you enjoy all the consumers’ protection rights in Spain which basic regulations you can check here.

4. External links

Sometimes we will add links to external sites to show you some information or facilitate any useful searches. We have no control over those sites or theirs contents, therefore we cannot assume any association or responsibility for what you do on those sites, nor guarantee their technical availability, quality, reliability, accuracy, or truthfulness.

5. Capacity

You declare that you are of legal age (over 18 years in Spain or any other age according to your national law) so you can be bound to this agreement and to engange our services and you declare that you fully understand and accept the present terms and conditions.

6. Intellectual and industrial property

The website in its entirety, including but not limited to, its design, structure and distribution, texts and content, logos, brands, buttons, images, drawings, source code, as well as all intellectual and industrial property rights and any other distinctive sign belong to or are assigned to or, where appropriate, to the natural or legal persons that figure as authors or owners of the rights, or of their licensors.

7. Availability of the website

We will make every effort possible to ensure that the is available, however, we cannot guarantee that the site will work constantly, reliably and correctly at all times, without delays or interruptions, and so for this reason, its directors, employees and agents cannot be made responsible for any losses or damages that might occur from the possible failures in availability and technical continuity on the site, nor any errors or inaccuracies of the content.

8. Liability

To the extent permitted by law, will not be liable for: a) any errors or omissions in the content; b) any lack of availability of the web or; c) the transfer of any viruses in the content, despite having adopted all the necessary technological security measures to avoid this.

We try to ensure that our content is always stored in a safe environment. is not responsible for any damage and/or loss and/or gain no longer obtained by the user or any other third person that suffers as a result of any exceptional or unforeseen circumstances out of the owner’s control, fault or error in the lines of communication, of the faulty service provision or Internet network failure.

It is not possible to control or guarantee the absence of any viruses, bugs, Trojans, or any other element in the content that could produce alterations in the computer system (software and hardware) or in the electronic documents and stored files in the user’s computer system.

9. Data protection

The data or personal details that you provide us to carry out this service or that which is obtained through automated methods are collected and treated in compliance with the current data protection regulations.

As a user, you can exercise your rights to access, correction, deletion, suppression, processing limitation, objection and the portability of the personal data we have on you. You do not have to give us a reason why; you only must send us an email to with the request and we will try to resolve it in the shortest possible time.

Please, remember to include details such as your name and surname, and to attach a photocopy of your identity card or passport, so that we know who you are and that it is you the one who is making the request.

10. Privacy

If you would like to read our privacy policy, please click here.

11. Cookies

Here is our cookies policy where you can find a complete list of the ones that we use and details of how they work.

12. Changes in this policy

The present conditions or the content of the website may change at any time. If they are big changes, that will affect you as a user, we will notify you through the site and you can check them whenever you want to. The changes will come into force as soon as they are published unless otherwise stated, but 99% of the cases will be as soon as we publish them.

13. Partial nullity

In the event that any or some of the present terms & conditions are declared void by a court, they will continue to apply to everything else if possible.

14. Dispute resolution and applicable law

These terms and conditions of use of web page are subject to the Spanish law and. So any controversy that may arise with regards to the present terms and conditions, shall be submitted to the jurisdiction of the courts of the city of Alicante.