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This site is owned by Mr. Jordi Mauri Solé, registered lawyer number 1182 in the Orihuela's (Alicante, Spain) Law Society, with tax identification number 38145995N, and business address at Calle San Eugenio 1, 5th floor - apartment number 5, 03140-Guardamar del Segura (Alicante), Spain, tel. 00 34 966443446; and email:

Mr. Jordi Mauri Solé is responsible for the processing of personal data processed in this page and notified the correspoding file to the Spanish Data Protection Agency which you can search at:(




The user can exercise their rights of access, correction, cancellation and opposition to their personal data processing by the following means:

(i) Email with copy of a valid ID (passport or NIF) requesting the right you want to exercise and any documentation that support your application to the following email address:

(ii) Letter addressed to the data controller Mr. Jordi Mauri Solé to the following postal address: Calle San Eugenio 1 5º- 5, 03140-Guardamar del Segura (Alicante), Spain.

For more information on your individual rights you can find it on the following link:





A personal data is any information concerning an identified or identifiable individuals according to Organic Act 15/1999.


Type of data requested

According to the law this web will only request the minimum necessary data to provide either the service or the information required by the user or client in accordance with the specific and legitimate aims of the web stated below.


Access to and use of this web is free under its terms of use.

To either make a request or to ask for general information throught the contact form only a valid e-mail address will be necessary being not compulsory the rest of the requested data. The user can chose then an alias in the name field if they so desire.

To apply for the specific service provided by this website (submission and payment of form 210 before the Spanish Tax Authorities) all the necessary details and information to submit the form will be requested. But only the minimum necessary information and details. The web will also request all the necessary details to charge the service and taxes to the credit card provided by the client.


Accuracy of data and liability

In order to use the web in general we do not require real data. A consultation or an information request can ben made trought the contact form using an alias and just providing a valid email address.

Also, you can get a tax calculation without providing actual data of individuals but only the correct property data with which the web cannot identify the individual persons who own or have any enjoying right on the property.

In order to provide the correct service of submission of the tax form 210 the web will request all the true data necessary to fill in the form and to make the payment by credit card and the user is absolutely responsible for providing accurate details otherwise the web may not provide the service offered due to false information being THE USER accountable both to the web regarding any damage that might be caused, as well as to the Spanish Tax Authorities. The web specifically warns the user that providing incorrect or false data to the tax authorities it is reason for sanctions.

It is understood that the credit card details provided by the USER are correct and the USER is either the title holder of or it is authorized by the title holder to use the said credit card. 




The data requested to provide the services offered by this web which are as follows:

(i) Generic information on Non-Resident Income Tax.

(ii) Answering queries as well as information requests with regards to the scope of this web and non residents general legal issues in Spain.

(iii) And to provide the specific service that this website offers as explained in the FAQS and the TCS which is the submission to the Spanish Tax Authorities and payment of the form 210 by either owners of or persons with enjoying rights on properties in Spain.

Personal data will never be used for purposes other than those specified above.

Perosnal data will never be used for advertising or marketing purposes unless specific consent is obtained by the users.

The web can use the data for purposes of traffic analysis and for detailed information on the use of this website by users in order to improve the services provided and to make it day by day more usable, friendly, accessible and practical.




The web will process personal data solely for the provision of the requested service (consultations and tax submission services).

(i) With regards to a query or an information request the personal data will not be treated further for any other purpose and the data will be completely deleted. If it comes to a query, they will not be treated further once answered definitively the query and the data will not be used any more. 

(ii) With regards to the tax services of submitting and paying the form 210 for the owners or persons with enjoying rights on properties in Spain the data will be blocked (kept by the web but not treated) once the service has been provided. They will be only be treated during that time to notifiy the client the following tax year their duty to submit the tax again in the case the client wishes to engage this web service again. The data will be kept blocked during the time that any liability could arise before the Spanish Tax Authorities or any other liability between the parties such as the service payment for instance. The maximum time for tax liabilities is of four years and the maximum time to require the payment of legal services is of three years. Thus the data will be kept by the web during four years maximum and afer that time they will be completely deleted.




The data will not be disclosed to any person or entity except the statutory exceptions such as being the transfer authorized in the law or to be a consequence of a relationship involving the transfer as is it is the application of the tax service provided by this web for instance where it is imperative to communicate all the details of the form 210 to the Spanish Tax Authorities.

The web do not foresee and will not proceed to any data transfer at all unless seeking specific consent of the person interested. 




According to the law the owner of the web is subject to confidentiality in two ways:

(i) As a data controller as a general duty of professional secrecy when processing users and clients' personal data.

(ii) As a lawyer he is subject to a duty of professional secrecy regarding the affairs of their clients.

This obligation of secrecy is perpetual. It does not have any time limit. Confidentiality must be kept forever.

Thus, all the personal data provided by users and clients will be treated with absolute confidentiality forever.




The resposible declares that it has taken all necessary technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data and to avoid its alteration, loss, or unauthorized access, given the state of technology, the nature of the data stored and the risks they are exposed to, whether they come from human action or natural or physical environment.

Also, this site uses SSL system to provide maximum security to the data processed.




In the case of access to this website through a social network the user give their consent to the social network to share with this web some data according to the privacy policy of the social network of reference and also according to the privacy settings of the user on that social network. It is advisable to check the privacy settings that each user of this web has on the social networks that they use in order to know in detail which content migth be shared by the social network with this web.